Teachers and their Value

Our values teach us that “Teachers are God”. However, as we are progressing, we are losing the correct perception for teachers and their efforts. Are you a Teacher, Principal or Director of a school? Have you been disrespected or not appreciated for your contributions?

Well, you are not alone!

There are many Educators who are verbally or physically or mentally abused almost every day. They are threatened and blackmailed for various illogical reasons. There was one incident where a teacher received five abusive emails every class for just calling out a student.

Once, a pregnant teacher of some Public School was thrown a lot of food and drinks, many of it hit her. However, she was helpless to take control of the situation. She got afraid of such reactions of students and was shook in fear. She even had to forcibly take her maternity leave early to deal with her mental state. She visited doctors and was stated to be “depressed”.

This is just one incident we talked about for misbehaving or disrespecting you, you being a teacher. I believe it’s high time for the teachers to regain their dignity among all the other professions.

You are the one, who gives rise to other professions; who even made me capable to converse and write this very article. I, personally, “SALUTE” you for making me efficient to cope up with my changing time. I have spent with you my formative years of life brought me to a position where I am all that I wished to be.

At first, it was difficult for me to believe, but as I researched deep, I discovered a multitude of complaints against teachers for all their valid actions.

I don’t favor them.  I mean, seriously, how are you wrong if you asked a child to not use a cuss word? Why you are not appreciated for all the extra efforts you did for the students? Why you are not treated with as respect as other professions? Why are you facing injustices and discriminations?

Too many Whys? Right.

Have you checked the social media? Did you see how many complaints are brought over on these permanent digital platforms? All these are now resolved as we are advancing towards good times.

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