International School Awards

Here we are, again, on the roll! Our prestigious event ISA India 2020 welcomes all of you aboard!

International School Awards (Global) will be convened to highlight the topics of current interest in the Educational Sector.

ISA has accomplished great heights and touched millions of hearts with its conference and summits. The event encircles around revolutionizing the education system to prepare our forthcoming generation with a progressing world. Providing them with the learning of new technologies and robotics, the classes have been redefined and turned into Futuristic Classroom.

 Our previous event, ISA Dubai was an immense hit and created oodles of buzz among all the Education Society and Educational Pioneers. The event witnessed more than 500 schools, educators along with 15+ influential and famous speakers from 40+ countries. ISA Dubai incorporated agendas that are currently prevailing in our technologically advancing world. With all the conferences and networking, we brought some great prodigies and dignitaries under one roof influencing a large crowd. Education was the first time seen from a different eye- from the eyes of the children and their development instead of business! We are proud to achieve this standpoint where we impacted the lives of children to shape up their future.

ISA Dubai had an outreach of more than 9.6 million people worldwide and impacted a lot of Education enthusiasts. The event touched the hearts of millions and brought some major changes in the Educational Regimes of schools. The kick start in Dubai motivated us for another event in India to make our India proud with its achievements!

We are organizing our 4th edition of ISA in Chitkara University, Punjab, where reputed schools and their principals, coordinators, teachers and educators will be joining along with influential speakers. The event ensures you a platform to bring out the problems as well as their relevant solutions on the table. Our theme for this event is “building for the future”. This theme will enclose all the aspects of our Education Society pertaining to the modifications needed!

Our previous reach of 500+ schools, 1000+ delegates had motivated us to achieve big! This year ISA is also open for Exhibitors and Start-ups; they can showcase their notions on an international scale to touch thousands at once. The start-ups have great ideas for the Schools improving the way education is imparted to the children. With 1000s of school owners on board with us to the journey, we endeavor to set a higher benchmark for the Learning Styles with Technologies.

The event witnesses various keynote sessions and panel discussions by great speakers from diverse domains like schools, media, start-ups, corporate sectors, government sectors and education fraternity. Besides all the Educational stuff, there are entertainment programs too to keep it light and educative. The one-day conference will be the ultimate platform to open a dialogue for agendas like Technology-Integrated Teaching, Student’s Wellbeing, augmented Reality and Design Thinking. The sessions will pave the way for an advanced and eco-friendly future for us and our future generations.

Awards are included in this event too. A mere discussion will be incomplete until we praise you and your efforts! Yes, you will be awarded for all your efforts to the Education Society. You can easily nominate yourself on our website as per your choice of category. Whether you are a school, an Educator or an Ed-tech start-up, you’re welcomed by ISA. We can’t let your patience and efforts go in vain! We value that from our hearts! These awards are designed to recognize you internationally and appreciate you for the same. You’d want that, won’t you?

Join us on the journey to enlighten the world with a different Education Regime!

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