International School Awards

Why even pertain?

We, at ISA, believe that “Awards are a way of appreciation for one’s excellence”. Our aim was to introduce such recognition and acknowledgment with utmost cherishingly. The International School Awards champions the cause of education through a global platform. Our mission is to concede the best of the best in the Educational Society.

No one’s effort in advancing the future of our children should be vain.

Let’s evaluate and celebrate your endeavors in the education sector!

Every school, educator, institutes and all of the education pioneers can benefit from this event. This event is not merely to award or praise efforts, but it provides a great platform for further experiences in the educational sector.


Schools are the foundation for a child’s formative years of life. This event enriches the school experience for all the associated students. Our event introduces diverse learning methods or techs that can be implemented in the classroom. Students should love learning and even gain knowledge for further application.

Let’s precisely discuss the benefits for the schools:

  • Ensuring different insights and perspectives to classroom learning
  • Becoming part of educational society on a global scale
  • Improving teaching and curriculum in the schools
  • Learning environment for a child widens to a greater extent
  • Model a positive and professional approach for schools to emulate and succeed
  • Gives a platform to contribute towards Nation Building


Educators are an essential part of our educational society. One who teaches or is a part of any domain of education is an educator. Teachers, Professors, Tutors, Principals, etc are all educators. They shape the children and their better future prospects. Their role is the most noteworthy and we believe they should be appreciated for their gifts to educating a child.

Let’s explicitly discuss the benefits of ISA Platform:-

  • Accelerate the growth of all concerned educators
  • Recognize Educator for their outstanding and exemplary contributions
  • Procure solutions for the challenges faced as an Educator
  • Bridges the gap between Students and Educators
  • Becoming a part of a global network
  • Marching together towards collaborative and shared learning opportunities

Ed-Tech Startups:-

Ed-Tech is a term used for all the technologies introduced in favor of Education. Education is the basic need for a proper human civilization. Without education, one would not know how to behave, talk, converse or convey. However, technologies in addition to education can bring prodigious changes. Ed-techs help in a better understanding of students with the inclusion of technologies, visualizations and practicality in education.

We have introduced a new element to our ISA event to add more to our Educative cognizance.  Ed-Tech Startups- the most needed aspect of schools. The technologies aiding in easy impartment of Education assists students to grasp learning hassle-free. Our platform is open to all the education-related contributors.

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