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We’re an organisation from India, which holds events revolving the education spectrum across the world. International School Awards (ISA) Global is a leading international accreditation and certification society which provides educationists and education institutions globally recognised accolades and certifications.

The “ISA RANKING” will be a 100% online event, which will honour the best educationist and education institutes. Our ranking system covers the best preschools, schools, colleges, universities, and Education start-ups.


ISA Ranking

There are many institutions, teachers and professors who have worked tirelessly to transform the education landscape. During our online conclave we will honour these pioneers to celebrate their success and motivate others. Our Ranking system is based on various strict parameters; each candidate institute is examined and given points across these parameters by our expert judges. After comparing the total points, ranking is awarded accordingly.

Pre-School Ranking

Preschool ranking honours the best preschools of India’s 10 metro cities. The ranking is for everyone who in some way is connected to pre-schools like parents‚ teachers‚ educators and school management. Preschool is an early childhood learning programme where children learn while growing. Usually the age demographics include children of age 3 to 5 years old. Preschools differ from day care centres on the basis of learning potential. Kids in daycares are not accustomed to much of a learning atmosphere, while preschools provide an overall nurturing experience to children which incorporates both learning and fun.

“Preschool Ranking” is E-Conclave’s unprecedented attempt where we invite preschools all over India to get ranked through our intricate process. You would therefore find competition among the best preschools of india.

Given the large size of the education sector, it is a monumental task to rank the best. To start with, we will send the ranking questionnaire to more than 1000 preschools across the country. Based on various parameters the rankings will be allotted to the preschools.


Ranking of preschools is done on the basis of following parameters

360 Student Development

A comprehensive development of students focuses on addressing their emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual needs of life. A preschool with such a vision has a staff well versed in identifying each of these elements and work on them.


This being one of the key parameters in ensuring healthy learning environment for kids in preschools. The schools were evaluated on built-up of their campus area like classrooms, playing grounds, equipments etc


Your curriculum is essentially a series of activities and learning outcome goals related to each subject. It serves as a great map, outlining where you need to go and how to get there. We judge a school’s curriculum on innovation, depth and framework. 

Student Enrolment

This parameter takes into account the total number of student enrolments in the past years. The ratio of numbers of girls to number of boys enrolled is also considered. Ranking is provided after doing analysis of the last five years enrolment record.

Register for ISA Preschool Ranking

If your school is looking for E-conclave ranking registration then the school coordinators can fill the below form. Our representative will contact you within 24 working hours


School Ranking

E-Conclave School Ranking

E-Conclave will provide the rankings to the best schools in india, considering various factors class 10th and 12th board results. The performance of students in subjects like Mathematics, Sceince, English, Arts, Social studies is also monitored.


Without imagination and investigation of ideas our collective fund of knowledge would languish. We assess schools on how they have structured their curriculum and teaching ideology to determine what students learn and understand. How creative and imaginative your school is in carving a path for its students.

360 Student Developments

A comprehensive development of students focuses on addressing their emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual needs of life. A school with such a vision has a staff well versed in identifying each of these elements and work on them. We give points on the basis of how holistic your approach is towards student development

Student Future

How your schools helps mould a children’s future is of utmost importance. Giving each student support and advice to pursue their goals and helping them reach their full potential is what every parent expects from the school. We take this important dimension in consideration too.


In the infrastructure parameter schools can be gauged from components such as Curriculum, Communication, teacher training programs and Assessment, Personalised Professional Learning and Robust Infrastructure.



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